The excellent things are beautiful in details.

Hey, my name is Vitalii and I’m Wordpress developer.

I have been working with WordPress since 2016. During this time I have taken part in creating more than 80 websites. My vision in programming is not about making an average website, but creating something that would differ from all the previous ones. I’m not afraid of challenges, for me programming is a way to find solution to any problem. And for sure the taste of victory inspires me to conquer a new peak.

Usually I’m asked what’s better Front-end or Back-end? For me it’s like picking between mom and dad. In Front-end I love animation, beautiful effects, when you point at a button and it changes colour or an arrow appears. I can spend hours making up some new effects and watching how they work. However Back-end is full of magic, a massive code transforms into a short row and a website becomes responsive. That’s why I work with WordPress, with this program I don’t need to choose between beauty and magic.

You can ask me why I’m better than others in this job. I’ll tell you. I always do my best to create not only beautiful, but also user friendly website. Everything will have it’s own menu, and anything you need to know will be written in an admin panel.  For the whole period of my work I have never quit any project. I have completed to the end every single task that was given to me. Lots of my customers come back to me to create a new project. And with some of the client I became really good friends. I find it fantastic.

And keep in mind my motto is “The excellent things are beautiful in details”.